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"Paperback Hero" Gallery #5

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While Jack expresses his affection for Ruby, and Ruby watches him on TV, Hamish sees everything... and he understands that Ruby is secretly in love with Jack.  She loves Hamish, too, but isn't IN love with him, Hamish understands.

When Jack returns home in his truck, Hamish meets him on the road, and tells him he's stepping aside so Jack and Ruby can be together. Jack is pleased.

Happily home again, Jack gets an affectionate welcome-home. He's happy to hear that Ruby has spent some of her money from the book's advance to buy the Boomerang diner for her friend.

Wanting to send a message to Ruby , Jack gets into a small airplane -- even though he's afraid of flying -- and has the bush pilot write "I Love You" in smoke across the sky. 

The plane drops Jack off on the road right in front of Ruby's jeep (then flies off), but Ruby is still upset.  As Jack watches, she storms off into a nearby field. 

He knows she can't stay mad at him forever... beside, he tells her, they're out in the middle of nowhere and he needs a ride back home in her jeep.

He's right... Ruby forgives him, and they kiss...

..and kiss, and kiss...

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