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"Paperback Hero" Gallery #3

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In Ruby's hotel room, Ruby tells Jack how distraught she is and how she can't go on pretending to be the author of his book.  He tells her he'll make some excuse to Ziggy and they'll leave Sydney later.

Jack goes to the hotel bar to try to decide what to tell Ziggy.

Jack meets up with Ziggy at a reception being held in Ruby's honor, and he tries to get her attention... instead, he gets several surprises.

Surprise #1: Ruby has come to the reception afterall -- in a stunning red dress -- so as not to disappoint Jack.

Surprise #1: Ruby has come to the reception afterall -- in a stunning red dress -- so as not to disappoint Jack.

Surprise #2: Ziggy has already figured out that the book was written by Jack... but she's willing to promote Ruby as the author to get the book deal signed.  He'll get his book published, Ruby will get her wedding paid for, and Ziggy will get the commission on the book deal.  Everyone wins... 

... as long as Jack promises not to tell Ruby that Ziggy knows the truth.  Jack doesn't like the idea of having to lie to Ruby...

After the reception, Ruby and Jack go to a bar to play pool... and end up singing on stage...  

When Jack has a little trouble getting started, Ruby tells him, "Just be yourself - " and joins him on stage for a rendition of Roy Orbison's, "Cryin'"

The audience loves it, and Jack is very happy...

The next morning, while doing a radio interview, Ruby gets a call from her friend, who tells her that Hamish found one of the pages from Jack's book, recognized Jack's handwriting, and knows that Ruby never wrote it. Jack, sitting in a side room, hears everything.

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