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"Paperback Hero" Gallery #2

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Jack joins Hamish's bachelor party... until Hamish falls over in a drunken stupor onto the floor.

The next day, Jack comes across Ziggy & Ruby talking.  He stands behind Ziggy, giving Ruby hand signals to help her answer Ziggy's questions about the book. This one is "World War 2".

When Ruby gets the signal wrong, all Jack can do is grimace and hold his tongue.

Jack is pleased when he hears that Ziggy thought the ending of his book was "perfect".

That evening, Jack gives Ruby a hand-written copy of his book, so she can talk about it more intelligently when they go to Sydney on a promotional junket.

The next morning, Jack is ready to drive Ruby to Sydney in his truck (because he's afraid of flying), but first he has to wait until she comes down out of the sky with her own small airplane.

Fixing a tire along the way.

Stopping for breakfast, Jack eats, and watches as Ruby reads his book. She likes it so much, she cries through parts of it.

As Jack heads for the Men's Room, Ruby shouts out across the restaurant, "I don't understand why you had to kill Brian," referring to a character in his book.  No one else knows what she's talking about, and they all turn to look at Jack, wondering who he's killed.

Jack and Ruby arrive at a posh office building in Sydney, and Ziggy is there to meet them.

At their first meeting, Ruby introduces Jack as her "manager".

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