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Wolverine Senses That Sabertooth is Near
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Still king of the cage... the Wolverine

Okay, so I'm a sucker for a handsome face (and body), and Mr. Jackman has them both.  Following are links to some of my favorite images of Hugh Jackman as "The Wolverine", Logan, in the the film "X-Men".  (And, yes, I AM aware of how "exploitive" some of these images may appear to someone who hasn't seen Mr. Jackman's films.)

X-Men Gallery 1: Logan Finds His Way to the X-Men

Besides his physical attributes and prowess, I really admired the acting work and heart Mr. Jackman put into the character of Wolverine in this film.  The character  went from being a self-destructive, rage-filled loner to a team player, full of compassion and heroism.  A delicate balance was maintained by Mr. Jackman throughout the film that always kept Logan, no matter how angry and vengeful, a complex man who was very human, emotionally vulnerable, and utterly believable.   No wonder this performance got Mr. Jackman so much public recognition.  He did an excellent job.

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The cage fight scene in "X-Men"

The cage fight scene in "X-Men"

The cage fight scene in "X-Men"

The bar scene in "X-Men"

The bar scene in "X-Men"

Driving through the snow from "X-Men"

Logan heals instantly after being thrown from a moving truck in "X-Men"

Logan senses that some predator is near in "X-Men"

Logan is treated by Dr. Jean Gray, a telepathic doctor with psychokinetic abilities,  at Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, in "X-Men"


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X-Men 2: Logan's First Day at 
Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters

This Gallery includes 21 images from the film, from the moment Logan awakens in the medical wing of the mansion, to the night his nightmares cause him to accidentally attack Rogue.

X-Men 3: Logan and Rogue and the Train Depot
This Gallery includes 9 more images from the film, plus an animated GIF of Logan in the medical wing of Xavier's mansion.

X-Men 4: Logan Joins the X-Men Team
This Gallery includes 23 more images from the film, from the moment Logan gets on the X-Men, through the Statue of Liberty scenario, and the final scenes of the movie.

Someone Like You

These Two (2) Galleries contain a total of about 20 images from the preview trailer of this film starring Hugh Jackman, Ashley Judd and Greg Kinear.  The movie is slated to be released on video soon.


These Six (6) Galleries contain over 90 images from the television rendition of this stage play in which Hugh Jackman starred as "Curly".

"Paperback Hero"

These five Galleries contain about 60 images 
from this film, in which Hugh Jackman starred as "Jack".

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